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It's all the weirdness of Fugglers in a 3" size! Adopt your own Fuggler Vinyl Figure and unbox a small weirdo. You may unbox a Funny Ugly Monster in covered in zebra print, or a monster with three eyes. Either way, adopt at your own risk! THEY'VE GOT TEETH: Just like the Fugglers you've grown to tolerate, each Fuggler Vinyl Figure has a tiny mouth full of molars, incisors and bicuspids. Gross. SIGNATURE BUTTONHOLE: Flip your Fuggler over and you'll find a signature BUTTonhole on their...you know. Order this mischievous monster and you may accidentally adopt a rare Fuggler, with a golden BUTTonhole and glow-in-the-dark teeth! Fugglers Vinyl Figures are a great gift for kids aged 4 and Up. Adopt at your own risk.
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